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Reservation Form

Please use our online Group Travel Reservation Request Form to submit a request.

All Group Travel for 2016: Please note that space availability on board Capitol Corridor trains have been reduced, and some trains may no longer be open for group travel, or may only accept smaller groups. Please see full information about changes on either the Group Travel page or the Train Treks page.

Under Category, choose "Group Reservations," then select either "Adult/Senior Groups" or "Youth/Student Groups" for Subcategory, then complete the form in its entirety.

You will receive an email to confirm that your request has been submitted. Reservation requests must be received at least 21 days before your intended date of travel. The Capitol Corridor Group Desk will process your request for travel and notify you within ten business days whether your group has been confirmed for travel. You will receive either a fax or email with a reservation number and confirmation letter.


Ask us about destinations for your group!

Capitol Corridor can help you plan a fun trip for your group any time of year. Riding the train can be a unique activity for family reunions, club excursions, and of course, youth day camps. Get in touch with us today!

Benefits of traveling via the Capitol Corridor

Capitol Corridor welcomes you as part of our Group Travel program.

  • Advance ticket purchases (for groups of 20 or more) allow your group to bypass ticket vending machines at the station, and move directly onto the train.
  • Advice on Northern California destinations in Sacramento, Vallejo, Emeryville, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara and San Jose.
  • Confirmed group seating in a comfortable setting.

Restrictions apply.