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Your Safety is Our Priority

As the managing agency, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) wants your Capitol Corridor trip to be on time, relaxing and, most importantly, safe. Your safety and security are top priorities for Capitol Corridor, which is why we are continually improving existing security features and taking additional steps to keep you, our passengers safe.

The CCJPA has invested its own funds to improve security for our passengers, employees and facilities. We have recently completed the following items as the latest in a series of improvements to raise the level of passenger safety and security at our stations:

  • Solar-powered emergency call boxes installed at several unstaffed stations and parking lots
  • Uniformed security guards posted at the Oakland maintenance facility and selected stations
  • Designated security desk with a uniformed guard at the Sacramento station
  • Installation of additional lighting and security cameras at stations and parking lots
  • Assignment of an Amtrak Police officer to patrol trains, facilities, stations and the route
  • Purchase of security cameras to be installed on all train vehicles

This security program extends beyond just physical station improvements. We also want to educate our passengers to be aware of potential security threats. Signs posted at all stations and on board all trains encourage passengers to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious packages or activities to station agents or train crew.

Capitol Corridor wants you to know that your safety and security is always of the utmost importance to us. Ultimately, it takes everyone's cooperation in working together to make these measures effective.

Passenger Security

While no specific or credible security threat against Amtrak or the Capitol Corridor has been made, passengers may see increased security on trains and at stations in response to general concern about U.S. transportation systems on the part of federal security authorities. We continue to work closely with Amtrak, our operating partner, Caltrans and Union Pacific Railroad to maintain the Capitol Corridor as a safe and secure mode of transportation.

Trains, stations, and facilities are being inspected for suspicious, unmarked luggage and/or packages. Passengers should keep all baggage in close proximity. Should you notice unattended, unmarked baggage and/or packages, notify a station agent or conductor immediately.

As an extra precaution, UPRR is also continuously inspecting its tracks and facilities. Passengers should expect some service delays.

These measures will be in effect until further notice.

Amtrak has implemented several security measures for the benefit of our guests. Consequently, guests are required to produce valid photo identification when purchasing tickets, checking baggage or boarding an Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach. All guests, 18 years or older, should be sure to carry a driver's license, passport or other photo identification when making a purchase or boarding a Motorcoach.

Passenger Identification Policy

Adult passengers (18 and older) must have valid photo identification to purchase tickets from ticket agents and conductors (also, applies to minors ages 15-17).

All carry-on ad checked baggage must be visibly tagged with name and address. Photo ID is required to check baggage.

At the direction of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), random passenger ticket and identification checks are conducted on board trains. Please be prepared to show a photo ID to the on-board crew.

Valid ("in-force" or "current") photo identification includes the following:

  1. State-issued photo driver's license
  2. State-issued photo ID for non-drivers, or if ID does not carry a photo, it must identify the presenter by physical characteristics
  3. Passport
  4. University, college or high school photo id

Thank you for your cooperation.

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If you notice a suspicious-looking package or bag, report it to the Conductor or Station Agent. Or, call Amtrak Police at 1.800.331.0008 or 011. Keep and eye out. Keep the trains and stations safe for everyone.